Bad Examples Of Flash Websites

Name of Website: Fastlane Studios

Actual Link:

Description: Fastlane Studios website is not the greatest. When entering the website you are subject to an intro that is nothing short of a strobe light party. Text shows up which is flashing but you cant focus on that because you have the light show in the background. When entering the lobby on the website animations are constantly flashing and you cant focus on anything on the page. I wouldn’t recommend using this website for an example when designing your flash website.

Name of Website: Peter

Actual Link:

Description: The first problem with Peter is the fact that the pages each take a while to load before the user can actually see the content. There is a few flash  videos of Peter Sage talking which in my opinion are very cheesy. I also find the tabs quite dated and think they should look more modern. On the plus side it would only take a few changes to make this website better and you can also view the non flash version which I think is a neat feature.

Name of Website: Seniors Music Ministry

Actual Link:

Description: This website displays a flash intro that needs some work doing to it. Basically as you first enter the website the intro for the first few images is to quick and you cant read the text or see the pictures. As the intro continues the images do become slightly better as you are actually able to see Bod and Joyce. The main tabs of the website are not to bad, but by no means professional quality. I would avoid using an intro like this when working with flash, and use this as an example of what not to do.

Name of Website:

Actual Link:

Description: is a bad example of a flash website. I dont like the color theme and the constant  animations on the homepage in my opinion look unprofessional. I also dont see the need to have a welcome message on the homepage because you know what website you are in and the welcome message is redundant. I dont think it would take to much work to make this website look better. But currently I wouldn’t base your flash website on this example.

Name of Website: B.U.M.Equipment

Actual Link:

Description: This website has a very short intro, then it jumps straight to the home page. The website for B.U.M. Equipment looks unprofessional and when you go to any page on the website a bad flash animations constantly appears which tells you what page you are on. The flash animation looks terrible and I wouldn’t include this in to your website.

Name of Website: Zombo

Actual Link:

Description: This website does not serve any purpose it is actually quite comical. Basically the website is a blank white screen which has a header of the website name and a flash animation. The website has someone who talks constantly and it really does not go anywhere. Although I think using audio in your flash website is a great idea, I wouldn’t recommend going about it in this way.

Name of Website: Mon Curriculum Vitae

Actual Link:

Description: This website has one of the strangest intros that I have ever seen. I like the animations but they are unprofessional and do not really fit in with the background image or theme of the website. The text at the end of the intro does not look professional at all. The tabs for the main pages are very strange and basically they look like pool balls and the background is a pool table. I think the tabs for the pages is a good idea but badly executed and is far to complicated to figure out as a user on the website. I wouldn’t go about designing a flash website using this example.

Name of Website: Jones, Partners: Architecture

Actual Link:

Description: This website needs a lot of work. First things first it takes a while to load. The interface consists of horrible colored dots and looks unprofessional. The text is very strange and I found it hard to navigate back from certain pages to the main menu because the tabs are not visible unless you move your mouse over them. I would not use this website as an example when building a flash website, you want to make the tabs visible to users so it doesn’t become a guessing game.

Name of Website: Spaceflight.nasa

Actual Link:

Description: Spaceflight.nasa is another example of a bad flash website. The animations are too much to take in and look very unprofessional. When you finally enter the main menu section the animations still continue to spin and move, which takes your attention away from the little content that is displayed. The color theme is horrible and the text looks like it would be better suited for pre school kids.

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